Sometimes your own boring hair just won't do, and the solution is a Giant Inflatable Wig!

Wigs are the one bit of a costume that can make or break it. The rest of the outfit's important, but the hair is the thing that'll get you noticed - the quiff, the afro, the beehive, the mohawk, the dreads - they're all very particular party looks and you can get them all right here!

The Giant Inflatable Rasta Hat and Dreadlocks Wig fits any sized head and is a fun accessory when you need to stand out from the crowd. Simply inflate the wig and place it on your head. It's never been so easy to win best-dressed!

Guaranteed to create a giggle, when you're done with your Dreads simply let it down and put it back in your pocket.

The Rasta is oversized and outrageous, measuring around 60cm when inflated.

So slip it on and get ready for bucketloads of outrageous Dreadlock attitude!
Also available in Elvis Quiff, Mohawk, Beehive or Afro styles.

  All the cool Massive Head - Rasta Hat & Dreadlocks Giant Inflatable Wig Specifications

Barcode # 4897021352234
Shipping Weight 0.51kg

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