The Magnoidz Litmus Paper Science Kit is the perfect gift for a budding chemist!

This cool educational kit contains all the components you'll need to carry out 5 experiments detailed in the included Educational Resource booklet.

Discover the world of Chemistry with this intriguing science kit and learn about the differences in the three liquid properties; acid, neutral and alkaline. Understand the effect of acidity in the human body and in the environment with fun science facts from Magnoidz.

This exciting kit contains instructions for 5 fun experiments including: 

  • Experiment 1: Make your own Litmus Paper
  • Experiment 2: Liquid Tests
  • Experiment 3: Measure the intensity of acidity or alkalinity
  • Experiment 4: Mix the acid and alkaline liquids
  • Experiment 5: Make an egg soft

Contains an Educational Resource Booklet Inside with Step by step instructions for 5 different experiments.

What's inside the box;

  • 15ml test tubes x 4
  • 100ml beakers x 2
  • Test Tube Rack x 1
  • Dropper x 1
  • Measuring Spoon x 1
  • Funnel x 1
  • Purple sweet potato powder x 1 
  • Filter paper diameter 70mm (10 sheets) x 1

  Magnoidz Litmus Paper Science Kit Specifications

Barcode # 5037832306104
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.25kg

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