Do the letters USB, DSL and IEEE mean anything to you? Then the Magnetic Poetry Geek Kit is just for you. From the makers of the original Magnetic Poetry Kit comes the new and improved Geek Edition!

There are no Ethernet cables or networks to set up; just take the word magnets out and start moving them around. Before you know it, you will have created terabytes of geek-inspired poetry without so much as a keystroke!

With over 200 word magnets and word fragments programmed to explode in creativity, you can install them on your fridge, locker, filing cabinet, cookie sheet or any other steel surface you can think of.

Watch the poetry emerge as you arrange them! A real creativity, imagination and language building tool too. So open up your box and let the old-fashioned, new-fangled fun begin!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Words include: upload, phaser, galactic, program, network, fire, interface, tech and sooo much more!

  Magnetic Poetry - Geek Specifications

Barcode # 602394031747
Shipping Weight 0.18kg

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