Ah, the ancient sport of golf...

Even for the professionals, the game can be unpredictable and maddening. At last there is a remedy for the pain and suffering a golfer will put themselves through in the pursuit of that one great shot.... The Mad Golfer's Survival Kit!

Designed for both serious and amateur golfers, the Mad Golfer's Survival Kit is a must have sanity saver.

In this kit you will receive a four pack of trick golf balls:

1 x Exploder - Explodes upon impact.
1 x Phantom - Vanishes in a watery mist upon impact.
1 x Jetstreamer - Ejects a long streaming, spiralling ribbon upon impact.
1 x Unputtaball - Jumps, baulks, skids and gyrates.

You will also receive the hilarious Eject-A-Putt which shoots the golf balls out of their hole and back onto the green, a selection of standard golfing tools such as extra long tees, a divot repairer, score card, pencil and ball markers.

No matter what the level of play, the Mad Golfer's Survival Kit will be used and appreciated by everyone involved! Survive the course or just tear it up with the Mad Golfer's Survival Kit!

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Brand SimplyCool
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Mad Golfer's Survival Kit Reviews

I was happy with my purchase of the Mad Golfer's S

By: Jannette H on 7 January 2009 - Verified Customer
I was happy with my purchase of the Mad Golfer's Survival Kit. It was a Christmas present for my father who is a mad golfer. He thought it was unique and fun.

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