Lunch Punch - Fairy Princess


Is your little princess a fussy eater when it comes to sandwiches?

Let's face it, sandwiches are pretty boring and we can't blame our kids for sticking their noses up when we present them with a crust surrounded square... So why not appeal to your princess' imaginative side and cut them in fairy shapes?

The Fairy Princess Lunch Punch works the same as the Match & Munch Lunch Punch but is designed for jumbo-sized bread so you can cut your shapes right up to the crust!

Really easy to use and kid friendly, this gadget makes eating sandwiches fun and is dishwasher safe too.

If you're worried about bread thickness, the Lunch Punch has been designed taller than the average normal cookie cutter, making it super easy to cut through two slices of Aussie bread and spread, all the while keeping your sandwiches light and fluffy.

Inside your eco-friendly, coloured recyclable box you get 4 fantastic fairy princess shapes and instructions just in case you need them!
The Lunch Punch Sweet Set are BPA free and made of fully ABS FDA certified food grade plastic, which means there are no nasty toxins and they are a rigid plastic, making them basically indestructible.

The Lunch Punch is a brand new product invented by an Aussie Mum living in Melbourne with 3 young kids. It's made safely and responsibly in Ningbo, China by a team of highly valued, fairly paid workers in a professional and clean plastic injection molding factory that is constantly audited so it maintains its high standards.

It's also personally backed by our CoolThings 31 day full satisfaction money back guarantee; although once you've made your first Lunch Punch sandwich we don't think you'll ever want to see it leave your kitchen again.

You'll be feeding their tummy AND imagination with these sand*wishes. It's what they've always wished for.

Take a look at our Lunch Punch Super Gift Pack for the opportunity to receive a free gift with your Lunch Punch purchases!

Box Dimensions: 12cm x 9.5cm x 10cm.
Each Sandwich Cutter (approx.): 9.5cm x 9cm.

Also available as Lunch Punch Match & Munch, Lunch Punch Critter Cutters and Lunch Punch VrrrM!

Get all four designs and save with our Lunch Punch Jumbo Pack


emmajreynolds's picture
  Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters

I have now bought several sets of these & they are fantastic!

My 3 year old daughter would never eat her sandwiches with the crusts on & it was impossible to get her to eat more than just a bite out of each quarter of her sandwiches.

Now she gets excited at lunch time & has a great variety of shapes to punch into the bread.

She has so much fun pressing the shapes herself & then showing everyone the results.

No more wasted sandwiches, she eats the whole thing! Great product. I intend buying more of these as gifts in the future.

MichelleW's picture

Hi Peter

Thanks for the info regarding the new lunch punch sets. I have just ordered them from your site. I have 2 girls and a boy and they all love the lunch punch. My eldest daughter rarely ate sandwiches before we purchased the lunch punch which made packing a school lunch rather difficult. She will be even more keen now with the Fairy Princess punches, even better that they are purple, her favourite colour to the point of obsession! I have told a few friends about your site as I think you offer great customer service. Thank you and a huge thanks also to the mum who invented the lunch punch. I use them every day.


Rebecca's picture
  A Hit

Lunch box came home empty except for a few crumbs. Princess Sandwich was a hit :-)

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