The days of searching high and low for a pen are over with this magnificent magnetic Levitating Pen!

No more will you have to look for that evasive pen right at the moment you're on the phone and desperate for a way of writing down an important number.

The Levitating Pen will solve all your pen problems; holding firm in place astride its pad, using the power of magnetics to hover with nothing but air between the pen and its base!

This pen offers a unique design with electric blue and chrome dǸcor, and not only floats, but writes and spins too! Try spinning it as it sits hovering in its holder, and watch the spiral pattern turn.

This incredible invention can be used as an everyday pen or an office toy that will impress all who come past. Visitors to your desk will be shocked and astounded by this mysterious and cool looking Levitating Pen!

It's practical and fun!

Dimensions of base: 12cm x 2cm x 6.5cm
Base colour of silver or blue chosen at random.

  Levitating Pen Specifications

Barcode # 677666014261
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.14kg

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