Legami Strike Coin Bank

Legami Strike Coin Bank in Hand
Legami Strike Coin Bank
Roll a strike, save your game!
  • Save up for all your sporting needs
  • Deposit your cash in the generous coin slot
  • And when it's full, it's time to splurge!
  •
$34.95 COOL 34% off
Roll a strike, save your game!

Made of high quality ceramic, this pin-sized coin bank will make a great addition to your sports memorabilia collection!

What a great novelty for the sports mad individual that could do with some help saving for things such as bowling balls!

With a generous sized coin slot, this Strike Coin Bank may just save your game!

Equipped with a rubber stopper for emptying your savings without the need to roll a strike!

Product Dimensions: 22.5cm tall x 8cm wide.


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