Advertise in style with this LED Message Board from Coolthings Australia!

Perfect for hanging in any club or bar - at home or commercially - the LED Message Board comes complete with an LED pen for getting the message across. Prices of drinks for your customers, keeping score at a home tournament of billiards, or a Happy Birthday message at a party!

Anywhere you could use a see-through board with glow in the dark writing to jazz the place up a bit! Simply plug it in and you're away.

The LED Message Board even has the ability to flash at whatever speed you choose! It has a peg at the top that you simply swivel around to change the frequency your writing flashes at - amazing!

The possibilities are endless, it's just up to you and your creativity!

Dimensions: 31cm x 48cm.
Replacement markers available on request at $4.95 each right here.

  LED Message Board Specifications

Barcode # 9318051055377
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 1.74kg

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