If you're looking to create your very own pre-historic world of dinosaur figurines, you can't go past this palaeontologist approved Stegosaurus kit by Geoworld.

With 15 clip-together pieces to assemble, you can build a 28cm x 11cm Stegosaurus Skeleton replica that glows in the dark when displayed on its stand.

Each kit comes complete with a detailed instruction booklet for your convenience, and includes a number of cool facts about the Stegosaurus that you may not have known!

The Jurassic Night - Stegosaurus is a great way to kick off your next school project or diorama; why not freeze frame the pre-historic era in your bedroom, a cardboard box or a carry case?

Also available: Jurassic Night - Tyrannosaurus Rex and Jurassic Night - Triceratops.

No glue required.
Recommended for are 6+ due to small parts.
28cm x 11cm once assembled.

  Jurassic Night - Stegosaurus Specifications

Barcode # 8033576210742
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.24kg

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