Buy 4 Jumbo Glow Sticks and SAVE!

These super-sized glow sticks are perfect for jumbo sized discos, concerts, parties or New Years Eve events! Just like a normal sized glow stick, simply bend your stick until it cracks to start the glow.

Whilst you can't bend them around your wrist to make a bracelet, there is a small hole in one end for you to place them on a longer prop or stand if required. There are many possibilities!

In this pack you will receive 4 glow sticks in four different colours - pink, yellow, blue and green!

Measuring 24cm long and 1.5cm wide.
Please note that they are suitable for one time use only. After 6-8 hours the glow will fade.

  Jumbo Glow Sticks (Pack of 4) Specifications

SKU PK-2361
Brand SimplyCool

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