Introducing the Jabber Ball, this cute squeezable and squeaking contraption will have everyone around you giggling and begging you for a go.

Jabber Balls are almost too irresistible; the fact is you'll probably find it hard to stop squeezing it.

You can toss them, squeeze them or even try stacking them up, their cute tongues and funny faces will bring everyone hours of fun.

Jabber Balls are available in two colours that you can choose from, Blue or Yellow, and there are four animals (Bear, Kitten, Puppy & Bunny Rabbit) one of which will be randomly selected for you. If you'd like a specific animal, please mention this in your order comments and our team of jabber ball carers will do their best to pick it out for you.

  Jabber Ball Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.25kg

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