Inconsequential Dilemmas is a book that helps you through those less momentous choices in your life that you face on an everyday basis. For example, Should I say hi? Is it an ex? Is there time to flee?

Many of these questions may seem relatively minor in the scheme of things, but they appear to comprise the bulk of the decision-making we perform each day and over the course of our life time.

So, in today's digital era, Knock Knock Publications have created a collection of some-what funny flowcharts to help you navigate your way through those minor close calls with systematic confidence.

This will ensure a lifetime of sound choices and peace of mind, as you never know how many of these trivial choices will impact your life in the long run - just like the big choices!

Some of the decisions include: Should I cut my hair? Should I do the laundry? Should I get this tattoo? Is this song karaoke-worthy? Should I change the channel? Should I post this pic online?

There are 45 flowcharts to help you answer many of life's peskier questions.

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