Icecream Candles 4 Pack

Icecream Candles 4 pack
Icecream Candles 4 pack - Package Shot
Add Instant Coolness To Any Birthday!
  • 4 Different Colours.
  • Made from real candle wax.
  • Looks Yummy, But Not Edible
  •
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Add Instant Coolness To Any Birthday!

Use these cool Ice Cream Candles to instantly add coolness to any birthday cake!

You get four cool candles in the pack, each shaped like a delicious icecream cone. Don’t try and eat them though as they might taste a little waxy!

Each Ice Cream Candle is around 7cm tall and has a 2cm stick at the bottom for plunging into your cake.

Got a ice-cream cake you want to decorate with candles? Use these 4 four candles and you’ll be right on theme.

Ice Cream Candles in Box Contains:

  • 4 x Different Flavoured Looking Ice Cream Candles

Buy these cool Ice Cream candles, pop them on your cake and it will look cool!


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