The Hot Wheels - Zip Bin Skull Track is a tote bag for your toys and a race track for your cars. When it's zipped up there's a dual-lane raceway on the outside of the pack. Undo the zip to see the track at it's full length!

Included in the tote is a genuine Hot Wheels race car. And as the pack is ideal for portable play, there is plenty of room to store 50 matchbox cars inside the tote's compartments!

Use your imagination to incorporate hills and ramps into your track. All you need is something to elevate the sides of your play pack and hold it while you play!

With surfaces made solely of Polypropylene, a tough and light-weight plastic that allows any mess to be wiped completely clean without hassle, the Zip Bin range is a dream come true for any parent!

Why not add the Hot Wheels - Zip Bin Ramp It Up to your collection?

Ideal for portable play.
Includes a free genuine Hot Wheels car!
Approximate dimensions while closed: 46cm x 14cm x 10cm.
Mat dimensions: 101cm x 38cm.
Recommended for ages 3 and up.

  Hot Wheels - Zip Bin Skull Tracks Specifications

Barcode # 878119001351
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.43kg

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