The Green Science Eco-Tech Bulb is a dual-powered generator which transforms gravity or hand motion into electrical energy!

In fact, the technology inside your bulb doesn't require sunlight, oil or a battery to work, making it cheap to run and environmentally friendly!

Follow the illustrated instructions to assemble the motor, gearbox and handle to power up this brilliant bulb and light up your surroundings!

Once assembled, press the button on the side of the crank handle to switch between manual mode and gravity power!

With almost a billion people in the word still living without a reliable source of energy, this could be a game-changer for lighting up the future!

Your kit includes:

  • A gearbox, wire cover and bottle connectors
  • A motor, motor cover, handle and handle joint
  • An LED light, bulb cover, peg and assorted screws

Also required, but not included in this kit: A small crosshead screwdriver and a cleaned soft drink bottle.

Dimensions of bulb: 18cm long.

Recommended for ages 5 and up, adult guidance may be required.

  Green Science Eco-Tech Bulb Specifications

Barcode # 4893156034267
Brand 4M
Shipping Weight 0.45kg

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