Your ingenious roll of Googly Eye Sticky Tape is covered with pairs of eyes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Bloodshot, cross-eyed, blue, black and even slightly alien, whatever the look, we've got it covered!

So what can you use your Graffiti Eyes on you ask? How about magazines, family photos, office equipment, romance novels, advertising, food wrappers, shoes, dolls, drink bottles and more!

You can use it to personalise any number of things or just to tape up a tear in a piece of paper. With 1000 pairs of eyes to choose from, start sticking them on your stuff. Googly eyes make everything better!

Your plastic dispenser comes with 30.5 metres of 1.75cm wide tape, which should be just enough to help you deface year books, newspaper, school books and more!

  Googly Eye Sticky Tape Specifications

Barcode # 739048123937
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.11kg

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