Ginger Screen Cat

Ginger Screen Cat Holding Headphones
Ginger Screen Cat in HandGinger Screen Cat on MonitorGinger Screen Cat PackagingGinger Screen Cat Holding SunglassesGinger Screen Cat Holding KeysGinger Screen Cat
Let your cat carry the load!
  • Embrace your inner cat lady
  • Keep your accessories close at hand
  • It’s the purr-fect crazy cat gift!
  •
Let your cat carry the load!

Calling all cat people, connect this adorable Ginger Cat to your computer screen and use his tail as the purr-fect accessory hook!

Coming complete with adhesive tape to connect your cat safely to your computer's surface, this kitty is adorable and totally affordable!

You can even use it on a door frame or shelf, anywhere you need some extra hanging space!

Use the tip of his tail to hang your headphones, phone charger, keys or USB's, anything you want to keep within easy reach of your computer!

Made of plastic.
Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Product dimensions: 7cm wide x 12.5cm (top to tail) x 2cm deep.


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