Show off your geekiness by wearing a set of these cool wearing Geek Gems DNA Earrings. A special order gift for October 2015.

Can you imagine a more personal gift than a small piece of your very own DNA? Well as that actually might be a little creepy we've made this cool durable sterling silver version available which is even better.

When looking at these Geek Gems DNA Earrings you'll notice the second base from the bottom is coloured in red. Our team believe that must be the place where nerdiness is genetically fixed.

Each set of Geek Gems DNA Earrings come in an awesome velvet jewellery case. Perfect as a present and for keeping them safe when you're not showing them off in all their geeky glory.

The Geek Gems DNA Earrings has been made with 925 Sterling Silver consisting of 92.5% genuine silver. The other 7.5% is an special alloy to help prevent tarnishing and give you a long lasting wear.

This cool geek jewellery is part of a special geek jewellery order that CoolThings Australia is bringing into Australia early October. We will only be bringing in the amount that is pre-ordered, this means you need to reserve your favourites before the cut off date of 24th of August (this month). You also get FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on any geek jewellery that you buy when pre-ordering today (not available with any other non-jewellery items). Buy this unique Geeky jewellery and put away for a unique Christmas gift this year.

  Geek Gems DNA Earrings Specifications

Barcode # 4260342457498
Brand CoolThings Australia

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