It's an age old game in a giant format!

This popular outdoor version of Draughts (or Checkers) is an exciting game that will bring a whole new dimension to your next garden party. It's time to create some fantastic memories! Perfect for your patio or lawn, Giant Draughts is simple to play, easy to understand and an addictive for players of all ages. It's wholesome nostalgic fun for your next family gathering or children's party!

General rules of the game:

Draughts is played by two players (or teams) with pieces on opposite sides of the game board. Players take alternate turns to move a piece diagonally to an adjacent unoccupied square to reach the other side of the board by attacking and jumping the opponent pieces.

Your set contains: 1 x giant canvas draughts board, 24 x wooden pieces and 1 x instruction sheet.

Dimensions: 90cm (l) x 90cm (w).
Playing pieces measure: 7cm in diameter x 1.3cm deep.

  Garden Games Giant Draughts Specifications

Barcode # 5060036538606
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 2.10kg

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