Tee off your golf day with a pair of odd colourful golfing socks!

Show a streak of individuality as you show off your cleverly contrasting, fairway inspired footwear.

Featuring 6 different designs that can be mixed and matched to create 15 big-hitting combinations, you'll be the talk of the clubhouse! And, if you get a hole in one, never mind! There are always 5 others to choose from! All featuring a variation of the golfer's favourite diamond "argyle" pattern!

Made from 81% cotton, 18% nylon and 1% elastane with the "United Odd Socks" branding woven into each foot.

One size to fit adult sizes 6-11.

  All the cool FORE Golf Inspired Socks Specifications

Barcode # 5060152022324
Shipping Weight 0.29kg

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