With Flashing Dreadlocks you'll show the world you're not-an-ordinary-same-as-everyone-else type of person.

It's a special type of person who'll dare to wear these Flashing Dreadlocks. If you're the sort of person or know someone who thinks a bit outside the box, loves to challenge the status quo then this crazy flashing party fashion accessory is for you.

These cool Flashing Dreads have a bunch of pink, blue, and green noodle type dreadlocks, blue, green and pink ribbons and 10 red, blue and green flashing LED'S all attached to a flexible black headband. The flexible headband make these Flashing Dreadlocks fit well on the heads of both children and adults.

Each of the coloured dreads are approximately 40cm long and also have a cool stretchy feature which makes the them fun to fiddle around with as your sitting back relaxing during the night, take care though as the noodles can double as an awesome finger trap...

Located on the headband is a easy switch for turning the Dreadlocks lights on and off, as well as a small battery compartment for 3 x AG13 batteries (batteries are included). Battery life lasts for hours and are also fully replaceable so you can always have your Dreads ready for the next party event you're going to.

Show the world you're not-an-ordinary-same-as-everyone-else type of person at the next party or event you're going to.

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.150kg

Flashing Dreadlocks Reviews


By: Emma on 27 October 2017
Very cool. Girls will love them!

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