Struggling to grow a moustache for Movember? Want to feel more sophisticated?

Fingerstache temporary tattoos are the solution you've been waiting for.

With 19 fabulous designs to choose from, you can play the Sheriff, the Villain or the Gunslinger among other characters! Choose an adornment to suit every occasion!

Any time is a good time to whack a moustache tattoo on your finger. Hold it to your lips when no one is looking and strike a stylish pose. No one will know it's not the real thingƒ?Ý!

To apply your tattoo simply cut out a moustache of your choice and remove the protective backing. Place it against your skin and apply pressure with a damp cloth for 30 seconds!

Gently peel the backing paper off and there you have it, an instant ice breaker to make even the most awkward introductions more relaxed.

And why not disguise yourself with a different moustache when buying a secret gift for someone? Stick one to an old photograph to make people take a second look!

Each moustache measures between 2cm and 4cm in width.
Fingerstache tattoos will wash off slowly with soap but scrubbing is required for instant removal.

  Fingerstache Specifications

Barcode # 094922814296
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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