Whack! Biff! Smack! Be warned, winding these Grandads up could be hazardous to your health.

What is it that we love about these cool little windup table distractions? The moment you see one on someone's desk you immediately have to stop, pick it up, wind it and see what it can do.

Just set each Fighting Grandad down on a flat surface facing each other, wind them up and watch them slog it out as no Granddad has done before.

I wouldn't be surprised if you hear people shout out things like "Go Grandad Go!" as each Grandad fights to knock the other one down before their windup runs out.

You can start your own Grandad sumo competition by getting a hold of your very own set of fighting granddads today - just click the add to trolley button below and we'll dispatch a set anywhere in Australia (or overseas) complete with gift wrapping if you're sending them direct to a friend or family member.

Brand SimplyCool
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Fighting Grandads Reviews

Very amusing. If you also have Racing Grannies you

By: Gail C on 17 July 2009
Very amusing. If you also have Racing Grannies you can make the Fighting Granddad chase one of the Grannies (or both). Created a lot of laughs at the old peoples home. Really needs two people to wind otherwise one finishes fighting when the other is just starting.

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