Take the fun and excitement of Etch A Sketch with you wherever you go!

This miniaturised and fully functioning keychain lets you create and play no matter where you are.

Everyone knows and loves the famous Etch A Sketch, it's a drawing board that draws by simply turning the knobs left and right! Turn the right knob to draw up and down, the left knob to draw left or right and both together for angles and curves! And when you're done, shake the Etch A Sketch to erase and start again.

This tiny and terrific version is 5cm by 4cm and it really works! Doodle, design and draw with the one of the world's tiniest drawing toys!

Always fun, the Etch A Sketch is never the same twice. So why not try and master the skill today?

It's the perfect stocking filler for anyone up for a challenge!

Price includes one Etch A Sketch Keychain.

  Etch A Sketch Keychain Specifications

Barcode # 001439757100
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.05kg

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