Explore the world of basic electrics through this exciting electric cannon!

See how energy transfer works as you fire ping pong balls from the spinning wheels.

What is kinetic energy? What is potential energy? Young scientists can explore the world of basic electrics through this exciting electric cannon science kit. You can build the cannon from the materials provided and let those ping pong balls fly!

- Battery box.
- Base plate.
- Motor.
- Wheels with pulley.
- Ball.
- Plastic rings (grommet).
- Long screws.
- Connecting sleeves.
- Plastic suction cups.
- Terminal block.
- Washers.
- Nuts.
- Wire.
- Sticky pads.
- Detailed instructions.

Designed at Middlesex University by specialists who teach teachers, each kit is thoroughly researched and encourages young people to stretch their skills and thinking.

A great classroom activity, the Electric Cannon is a fun and educational toy for any future scientist!

Adult supervision recommended for children under 14.

  Electric Cannon Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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