Have you ever played golf with someone who putts way too well? You know the kind... A chip onto the green and then somehow they 1-putt those 10 footers like you only wish you could!

Well I have, and it drives me mad... But now revenge is at hand!

Just press the Eject-A-Putt down and twist to secure the launcher. Gently place it into the hole (this is best done stealthily when removing the flag) and wait...

Eject-A-Putt will do the rest and it's hilarious! As the ball lands on the launcher, it will trigger an upward jolt that will shoot the ball up and back out of the hole! They won't be able to explain why their sure putt went so horribly wrong!

Great fun and always a good laugh. Just the thing for any round of golf!

  Eject-A-Putt Specifications

Barcode # 9314902000251
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.09kg

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