Your Egyptian Excavation Kit contains an earthen block, a digging tool and a brush. Place the block on an easy to clean surface or on a big sheet of paper and use the digging tool to gently scrape away the plaster!

When you see an object through the plaster, continue digging very carefully. Dig away all the plaster around the object before removing it. Remove the remaining plaster from the object with the brush or a cloth. What have you found!?

You will uncover some randomly chosen artifacts from Ancient Egypt. You may receive a Mummy Internal Organs Container (5 pcs), Pharaoh Egyptian Bust (2 pcs), Kneeling Pharaoh and Egyptian Sitting Queen (2 pcs), Winged Pharaoh Chariot (2 pcs), Egyptian Bird and Egyptian Cat (2 pcs) or the Maid Wall Ornamentation and Egyptian Faces Ornamentation (2 pcs).

Wash off your hidden treasure and display it proudly on your shelf!

Recommended for ages 6 and up
Dimensions of block: Approximately 18cm long x 10cm wide.

  Egyptian Excavation Kit Specifications

Barcode # 656558050228
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

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