Take a nice relaxing bath after a hard day's work, and dim the lights to add to the ambiance!

This gorgeous penguin relaxing in his own little bath will make sure the lighting in your bathroom is soft and low.

It's much more enjoyable that the bright lights of a bathroom when you want to reduce stress!

Once you've run your bath, pour a small amount of water inside your penguin's tub and watch as the LED sensor lights up. Your adorable little fellow will kick back and relax with you on the side of your bathtub!

Dimensions: 8.4cm x 10.6cm x 6.9cm
This product is fully water resistant for use in the bathroom.
Includes 2 x CR2032 watch batteries for demonstration purposes only.

  All the cool Dreams Relax Penguin Bath Light Specifications

Barcode # 4542202641095
Shipping Weight 0.21kg

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