This super cool Double Ice Ball Mould makes 2 large ice balls that are a whopping 5.7cm in diameter!

The large size and reduced surface area of spherical ice balls makes them the preferred choice for keeping drinks cold. This is because a sphere melts much more slowly than regular cubes, providing you with a drink that stays colder for longer and is less diluted!

The flexible silicone mould allows for easy ice removal, and the space-saving, stand-up mould helps to prevent spilling.

Yummy Tip: Try filling the ice moulds with mint leaves, basil, fruits and more for a refreshing twist in your favourite drink!

Dishwasher safe.
Made from non-stick food safe silicone (BPA free).
Dimensions of tray: 16.5cm x 7.7cm x 6.4cm.

  Double Ice Ball Mould Specifications

Barcode # 838310033421
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.19kg

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