DOOG Walkie Belt

DOOG Walkie  Belt
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Ideal gift for Dog Lovers
  • Store's everything you need
  • Easy to use
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Ideal gift for Dog Lovers

Tired of lugging around bags, keys and leads when taking your dog for a walk?

With this award-winning Walkie Belt from DOOG Australia, everything you need for walking your dog is contained in one handy, lightweight belt!

The belt is designed so that you can be 'hands free' when taking your dog for a walk. No longer will you need plastic bags stuffed in one hand and keys, money and dog lead in the other. And... no more bulky, laden filled trouser or coat pockets!

Adjusting to a maximum length of 107cm, this belt is not only extremely practical, but looks good too!

And check out the new Doog Foldable Bowl here!

Features include:
- 2 x Pockets for holding house keys, money and dog treats.
- Mobile phone or iPod clip.
- Carabiner for attaching dog lead.
- 20 x Antibacterial, scented hand wipes with moisturiser.
- 30 x Scented and biodegradable tidy bags. Buy your doog tidy bag refills here!


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Sharyn D's picture
  Great little belt now we just need to remember to take it...

Great little belt now we just need to remember to take it each time we walk.

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