This Donut Heat Pack is the coolest gift for healing and helping, so yummy looking but it's sure not for eating...

Made from soft and cuddly velvet, this cool Donut Heat Pack contains micro Silicone beads that when heated in a microwave retain that heat for a long time.

To use simply place in a microwave, heat on high for a minute or two then testing the temperature first you can place directly to affected areas on the body or use under blankets and bedding.

The Donut Heat Pack is 16cm wide x 4cm thick making it the ideal size for soothing earaches, body pains, general aches and soreness.

Please Note: Donuts are powerful but they are not ALL POWERFUL, if pain persists go and see a doctor!

Suitable for ages 3+ - Please check temperature before giving to a child. Only to be heated and used with parental supervision.


Marie Claire

  All the cool Donut Heat Pack Specifications

Barcode # 9339296027714
Shipping Weight 0.75kg

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