Doggie Doo, also known as Kackel Dackel, is a plastic Dachshund who, when fed Play-Doh-like dog treats through his mouth, poops them out the other end when he's finished!

Since most kids find humour in all bodily functions, our Pooping Dog has turned into a mega hit game where children feed their dog, roll the die, squeeze the leash and watch him poo!

The person who collects the most dog poo with their scoop is the winner!


1 x dog with leash and pump
1 x bone and food container
1 x treat mould and 4 x shovels
1 x rule book and dice

Packed full of fun, laughs and hours of entertainment!

Do not swallow puppy food.
Recommended for ages 4 and up.

  All the cool Doggie Doo Specifications

Barcode # 8711808306172
Shipping Weight 0.75kg

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