Many doctors have enjoyed a spot of tea with their companions over the years and now you can make tea time special with the TARDIS tea infuser.

Your very own TARDIS tea infuser will help you to slow down time as you unwind with your own special blend of tea. And soon you will be refreshed and ready to travel the universe again.

The TARDIS tea infuser is made of Stainless Steel and the chain, with 11th doctor's sonic screwdriver on the end, are made from a zinc alloy.

Plenty of room to put in the tea leaves, as we all know it is bigger on the inside.

Dimensions: 7.5cm tall x 3cm wide, 12cm chain.

  Doctor Who Tardis Tea Infuser Specifications

Barcode # 847509003404
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.13kg

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