What better way for a Doctor Who fan to tell the time and be woken up in the morning?

This officially licensed Dr Who collectable is sure to impress any Dr Who fan, young or old!

A White Supreme Dalek ƒ?? the leader of the New Dalek Paradigm ƒ?? it's not this guy's job to exterminate the Doctor but rather to wake you up with its unique alarm sounds! Including Dalek gun and hover sound effects and of course the trademark ƒ??Exterminate!ƒ?�, you'll be woken up thinking there's a real Dalek in your room!

Not only will you be surprised and delighted by the noises this Alarm Clock makes, but it also projects the time from its dome head all the way to the roof so you don't need to turn over to look at the time!

With a blue LCD that displays the digital time on the front of your Alarm Clock and a speech indicator that flashes white light when his alarm goes off, this daring Dalek has everything!

Including the 4 AA batteries you need for your Dalek to work, this really is the perfect gift for any Dr Who fan ƒ?? including you!

Dimensions: 14cm x 7.5cm x 20cm.

  All the cool Doctor Who - Dalek Projection Alarm Clock Specifications

Barcode # 5024095215038
Shipping Weight 0.51kg

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