Are you strong enough to be ranked among the legends of Hercules, Superman and Thor?!

Your miniature Desktop Strongman is the perfect kit for challenging competitors and claiming the infamous title!

Whether you're at home with friends or enjoying time in the office, step right up and take your best swing!

It's time to test your strength... Nothing will hold you back from ringing that high bell loud as you claim the victory!

So grasp the mini mallet in your hand, and with a strong swing, strike the base, attempting to reach the top.

As the chute rises, take note of the numerical score reached. Take it in turns until someone out-plays you or reaches the victory bell! 

Your kit includes: A 18cm rail with pellet and bell, a miniature mallet and an illustrated mini book.

Dimensions: 18cm tall.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

  Desktop Strongman Specifications

Barcode # 9780762497201
Brand Running Press
Shipping Weight 0.24kg

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