Having one of those mornings (days, weeks...) at work where you just want to punch a wall and call it a day?

Whether it's an overly chatty co-worker or a big looming presentation stressing you out, you deserve the chance to vent a little!

So spare the wall and spoil yourself by slipping on some tiny boxing gloves and getting into your own Desktop Boxing ring.

Take down the office blues with a solid KO. Are you ready to rumble? Down that energy drink and you're ready to go every round!

There are a few minor boxing adjustments when it comes to the desktop version.

- For optimum agility, keep your elbows planted on your desk and move only your fingers and wrists!

Feeling feisty after your solo training? Go head to head with a friend!

You kit contains: A miniature rubber punching bag with suction cup stand and two tiny boxing gloves for your pointer fingers.

You will also receive a miniature 39 page booklet containing a brief history on boxing, along with tips to learn hooks, jabs and uppercuts!

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Desktop punching bag dimensions: 11cm high.

  Desktop Boxing Specifications

Barcode # 9780762460809
Brand Running Press
Shipping Weight 0.14kg

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