This soothing Colour Change Squeeze Stress Ball is filled with gel that is a different colour from it's flexible skin.

While it might look pink, blue or yellow on the outside, when you compress it another colour appears entirely!

It's completely addictive and super satisfying, watch the ball change colours as you squish it, stretch it and squeeze it.

Use it as the perfect sensory calm down fidget ball for children and adults of all ages, or use them as cool party favours!

Available in three vibrant colours (chosen at random):

  • Pink (turns purple)
  • Yellow (turns orange)
  • Blue (turns pink)

Each sold separately.

Great fun for ages 3 and up.

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Colour Change Squeeze Stress Ball Reviews

use it every day

By: Michelle on 5 September 2019
i love this stress ball i use it every day

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