Introducing the Cube Puzzler Go, a multi-level brain-teaser that puts your logic skills to the test!

Can you build a cube from the 7 differently-shaped 3D puzzle pieces? It will certainly take some strategic planning!

Your game includes 80 different 3D-challenges and solutions for you to solve, that range from easy to expert.

You can play anytime, anywhere, no opponent needed. Simply open that transparent storage cube and it turns into a v-shaped game board!

It's a bold and colourful travel game for training the brain of children and adults!

Single player IQ game.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Boxed dimensions: 12cm (l) x 11.7cm (w) x 12.2cm (h).


Cube Puzzler Go Reviews

Excellent gift f

By: Melissa on 17 March 2021
Excellent gift for someone who likes puzzles! I bought this cube puzzle as a birthday gift for my husband, who loves puzzles. He always finishes them so quickly so, when he told me with a grin soon after that he'd already solved the puzzle, it was fabulous to be able to say, "Oh, you've solved every single puzzle in the booklet already? That was quick!". This was met with a confused look and a confession that he hadn't even seen the booklet. So finally a point for me! It's so good to have a compact puzzle cube that has puzzles that get progressively harder, rather than a single solution type puzzle. Even better, our 5 year old wanted to have a go and patiently sat and solved the first puzzle with no help - very clever! And who knew you could get a few minutes of peace and quiet so easily?

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