You can become a crime scene investigator with CSIRO's re-mystified and re-vamped forensics kit!

Dust for fingerprints, examine hair and fibre evidence, trace secret documents and much, much more!

Once you've brushed up on your forensic techniques, challenge yourself with the new Talent-Napped Mystery. Can your solve a kidnapping dilemma and save the school talent quest?

Kit contains a detailed instruction book full of solid science that makes learning fun. Most equipment requires some common household items and crime scene evidence.

- Graphite Powder
- Cornstarch
- Bicarbonate of Soda
- Vinegar
- Iodine Solution (Betadine)
- Hemastix Indicator Strips
- Magnifier
- Chromatography Paper
- Non-toxic Mystery Powder
- Protective Gloves
- Eye Goggles
- Pipette, Wooden Stirrers

Some safety precautions:
- Recommended for ages 10 and up
- Eye protection for supervising adults is not included
- Contains some chemicals which are classified a safety hazard
- Please read instructions and keep them for future reference
- Do not allow chemicals to come into contact with any part of the body (particularly the mouth and eyes)
- Keep small children away from the experiment

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