Crazy Combat Catapults

Destruction, games, fun facts and more!

  • Construct your catapult
  • Lock and load your missile
  • Destroy as many targets as possible!
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This brilliant game is all about knocking targets over and beating your friends!

All you have to do is build the two hand-held catapults, put together and arrange your targets, and then knock 'em down with the missile! Bragging rights belong to whoever knocks down the most targets!

The included book provides step-by-step instructions, so you can construct the catapult, as well as fun facts about catapults throughout time. All you need is the will to succeed!

It's a great portable game for the shack, it's ideal for school history projects, and it's perfect for the boys who long to own a weapon, without the risk of harming anything or anyone, because they're relatively harmless! There's no denying that anything that involves projectile launching IS pretty alluring...

How to play:
- Set up your targets - probably best to set them in a triangle formation, like when you go bowling.
- Take aim and fire! Each player has 2 goes to down as many targets as possible.
- The player who knocks down the most wins, it's just like shooting womp rats in your old T-26!

What's in the box:
- Two flat-packed, press-out cardboard sheets with all the parts you need to make two fantastic hand-held catapults.
- 1 x Telephone Box missile and 9 different cardboard targets.
- An instruction booklet that includes fun facts and history on hand-held catapults, the Ballista, The Trebuchet and the Mangonel!

Catapults are easy to assemble with some patience, no glue required. What a great example of fun packaged with knowledge that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

( 9781472322524 )

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