Learn to make 10 unique balloon buddies!

With over 75 punch-outs and stickers at your fingertips, get ready to have a blast making some new funny friends!

Choose a balloon, blow it up and tie a knot in the end to secure it. Press out each balloon buddy's corresponding shapes and attach them to your balloon, Follow the instructions for each project to find and add the eyes, mouth and more!

Please note: While there are only 7 balloons, there are accessories and instructions to make 10 different designs. If you would like to make each design listed in the book, you may need to gather additional balloons to complete your collection (not included)!

Are your new friends happy or grumpy? Do they have one eye or six? You decide! Add their fangs, horns and eyes!

Your kit includes: 7 balloons, over 35 stickers, over 40 press-out accessories and a how-to book.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Your kit uses standard size balloons.

  All the cool Craft Factory Balloon Buddies Specifications

Barcode # 9781474819107
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