If you find yourself in a fix with a tangled cable then Charging Charlie is the man to call!

At a mere 10.5cm tall, Charging Charlie will help keep your cable in safe hands. With his wide grip base to help prevent slippage, Charging Charlie will hold your cord steady on your desk and look pretty darn good while doing it!

His colour is fire engine red, and with his fireman cap there's no wonder he looks like such a hero! Although, since he uses a mobile phone charger as a fire hose, he may not be particularly effective as a fireman... Luckily his style makes up for it!

So forget Fireman Sam and get yourself a Charging Charlie!

Cable not included.
Only Charlie's right hand moves, not both.

  Charging Charlie Specifications

Barcode # 7290001373934
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.12kg

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