This cool Cat and Moon Carousel Tealight Candle is powered as the heat generated from the internally housed tealight rises.

As the warm air rises from the tealight it causes the top "windmill" like blades to spin and the merry-go-round carousel to turn.

Watch as the light flickers and bounces off the shiny metal finish and onto your walls, an awesome gift for people who love a bit of style and class.

Product size: 11cm High (from bottom to top of spinning section)

Barcode # 9343897009710
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.160kg

Cat and Moon Carousel Tealight Candle Reviews

Pretty cool tealight candle holder!

By: Melissa on 1 November 2018
My journey towards finding The Cat and Moon carousel tealight holder, started some 10 years ago. I had been looking for something similar to a candle holder, seen in the movie Sleepy Hollow. However due to a lack of knowledge on the terminology for such a thing, I strugggled and almost gave up my search. Thankfully a couple of weeks ago, on my search to track down a completely different product, I found the Cat and Moon carousel tealight holder. While this is lacking in some respects for what I was looking for (similar to the movie), it is a very attention catching, eye pleasing cool object. The only downsides to this product are, it is very thin and delicate. It isn’t likely to break, but I’m aware bending it out of shape is a real possibility. The product ideally needs to be close to a wall or in a small room, in order to really see the detail of the shadows. In my personal opinion I believe the shadow would be more effective if it had more solid walls to it, allowing less light through, to make the light/shadow definition greater, in order to see the beautiful finer detail from the castings. The only other things to note are, if you, like myself, prefer to burn the 9 hr tealight candles, you will struggle to fit them into this holder. The post which attaches to the base (which allows the carousel to spin on), bends over the candle and in doing so the bend does not clear the 9hr candles height. I have been successful to put a dent into the 9hr tealight candle, to allow the use of it in this holder. Also note the top of the carousel gets very hot very quickly, so position it correctly onto the stick after lighting, as with in seconds it’s too hot to touch to readjust. This product is beautiful to watch, I have shown it to some friends, all of whom have fallen in love with it. I am also planning on buying several more!

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