By the Book is a fun, clever and original 3D book-stacking puzzle!

The aim of the game it to arrange up to 12 differently shaped wooden books (and one cute cat), so that the top shelf of your book case is evenly balanced!

But there's a catch! You can only use certain books, in certain orientations, according to each challenge card.

With a minimum of 2 books touching the top shelf at any one time, it may take some time for you to progress to the next level!

You’ll start by using just a few books to balance the shelves. But, once you progress all the way to Expert, you’ll be using all 12 books at once!

It’s a tantalising brain-teaser that will stimulate your mind, and improve your memory through the use of trial and error.

To play:

  1. Select a challenge card (graded as beginner through to expert).
  2. The face of each card tells you which books you can use, how they can be used (vertically or horizontally), or if they can touch.
  3. Note: Sometimes, the cat is required to be used on the shelf as well!
  4. Once you’ve accumulated all the relevant pieces, lay the bottom shelf on a level surface, then try configuring the books to the card’s specifications.
  5. When you think you’re done, put the top shelf in place, and then use the balance level to see if your solution measures up!
  6. If your solution passes, flip the card over to see if it match the official solution. Some of the solutions, however, are not what you expect!

Included in the box:

  • 40 different challenge cards ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert
  • 12 wooden blocks, 2 wooden shelves and 1 cute black cat
  • 1 balance level in the shape of an adorable red flower pot, and the rules of play.

Master all 40 challenges, and you’ll be a level above the rest. It’s the perfect addition to any games night, or a super cool gift for any librarian or bibliophile!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Suitable for 1 player (though it’s easy to collaborate with other players).

Packaged dimensions: 17.5cm x 23.5cm x 5.5cm.



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By The Book Reviews

Great service, sweet product

By: Susan Raine on 13 August 2021
I received my parcel in good order. Sweet little game “By The Book”, a 3D brain teaser. Very prompt despatch, well packaged. Thanks!

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