The Bunch O Balloons have now been released in Australia. A trained water commando's best friend, Bunch O Balloons are your ultimate way to make a heap of water balloons faster than your neighbours.

Bunch O Balloons lets you quickly fill over 100 water balloons in just seconds with it's ready to go bunch of self-tying water balloons. While your competition is still dawdling around filling their balloons one by one you'll have all the ammo to blast them right out of the water! (or should I say wet them to kingdom come!)

Forget the mess and stress of filling water balloons by hand, with Bunch O Balloons you simply connect the attachment to a water source, pop on a bunch of balloons, fill the balloons and see them self-tie.

Included in the pack:

  • 1 x hose adapter
  • 3 x bunches of balloons (giving you 100 balloons ready to go)

These packs are guaranteed to sell out so pre-order yours right now before your competition does.

* Please note: Balloon colours may be different in the pack you receive.

  Bunch O Balloons Specifications

Barcode # 845218010744
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.16kg

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