Sick of your kids fighting over who's gone through who's room and taken things that don't belong to them?

Don't want to put locks on your kid's rooms like they've been begging you for ages?

Well, your worries will be over when you give them this fabulous Build Your Own Money Safe!

Kids will have a great time building this sensationally secure money safe to lock up their money and valuables! They'll build and configure the digital lock and install an alarm buzzer that will challenge even the cleverest of crooks.

Not only is it fun, but it's educational too! Your child will be learning about structures and the ins and outs of how to connect a wired circuit, and at the same time keeping their loot safe with an alarm, pin number and a key!

The Build Your Own Money safe comes complete with everything you will need to build your super cool spy science kit:
- 1 dial
- 1 ratchet wheel
- 2 dial number stickers
- 1 ratchet arm
- 1 spring
- 1 spring retaining plate
- 1 switch slider
- 1 switch slider cover
- 1 lock latch
- 1 lock key
- 1 door front (with the switch, contacts and alarm buzzer installed)
- 1 door rear cover with battery case cover
- 2 hinge covers
- 1 safe front frame
- 1 safe back (marked with "A")
- 4 safe side panels (marked with numbers 1-8)
- 2 washer screws
- plain screws
- terminal caps
- assembly instructions

Perfect for the mischievous meddler in your family that wants to keep their treasure under protection!

Safe is 15cm wide when built (safe is made from sturdy plastic).
Recommended for ages 8+

  Build Your Own Money Safe Specifications

Barcode # 4893156032898
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.56kg

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