Hey flight fanatics! Are you ready to build four awesome rubber band powered ornithopters that imitate the flapping wings of birds, insects and bats? Let's get started! Learn about how birds and bees fly, and how their wings generate lift. Ornithopters are simply mechanical flying machines!

With this educational kit, you can build a mechanical flying bird, bat, butterfly and dragonfly with a durable, lightweight bamboo and plastic building system. Build the components, wind up the rubber bands and let them fly as you learn about weight distribution, thrust and drag!

Your kit includes: 49 ultra-light pieces including wings, tails, rubber bands, stickers and a 16 page full colour workbook.

You will also need a test flying area at least 30 metres long, as well as a pen and some sticky tape.

Recommended for ages 8 and up (adult assistance may be required).

  Build Your Own Flying Ornithopters Specifications

Barcode # 814743012059
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.38kg

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