Designed to make cubby building a whole lot easier, Your Canopy Cubby Kit contains a range of portable components that you can use to attach to anything around the home. From walls to tables, and chairs to trees you can use almost anything around you both indoors and out!

Coming complete with a canopy, tent pegs and all other fixtures for building hideaway at home or abroad, your cubby building kit encourages interactive play between children without the use of gadgets and gizmos! It's all about old school fun and problem solving!

Once you have your structure and your canopy assembled, simply hang up the included "keep out" sign!

Your kit includes:

2 x Clamps for clamping to tables or benches
2 x Hooks for attaching to chairs
2 x Suckers for attaching to windows
4 x Grips for holding a sheet in place
2 x Pegs for outdoors
1 x Sheet
1 x Keep Out Sign

What people are saying:
- "It was so good to see the children playing without the use of electrical gizmos and really interacting with each other."
- "The den kits will provide your children with hours of fun play and get's them really using their imagination."
- "All the fixings are so clever - It is extremely well designed yet simple enough for my son to do himself!"

Recommended for ages 5 and up (or children 3+ with adult assistance).

  Build Your Own Cubby Canopy Kit Specifications

Barcode # 713228148880
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.67kg

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