Keep your mind sharp with these memory-enhancing, brain-training exercises!

Brain Power offers explanations and practical tips to keep your brain at top-level functioning. Perfect for all ages, especially the elderly.

The Brain is the centre of the human nervous system, governing our thoughts, feelings and movements. It filters and prioritises all the information that bombards our senses throughout the day, and allows us to develop the self-awareness that makes us all uniquely human.

Fortunately, our brains continue to develop throughout our lives, so it's never too late to learn new information and boost your brain power. All this flexibility is fantastic news for those who recognise the importance of good brain health, stimulation and development!

So think of this book as a multi-gym for your mind. It's a brain fitness system made up of a wide range of puzzles, brain teasers, quizzes and challenges designed for performing different mental tasks to give you a focused workout.

The first half of this book covers general brain training. The target areas are concentration, problem-solving, language, numbers, visual perception and creativity. Each topic introduces a compelling idea in the field of metacognition, followed by a selection of related questions and exercises.

The second half of the book then moves on to look in more detail at memory, with techniques and tips on how to improve your mental recall over time. So, if you are serious about training your brain and improving your memory, you should read this book and work through it cover to cover!

If however, you would prefer to focus on specific issues, you can dip in and out as you please, since most of the topics are self-contained (although some of them refer back to earlier sections). So, if you find you have too many tip-of-the-tongue moments, find it hard to concentrate when studying for a test, or struggle regularly to put a name to a face, this is the book for you.

Recommended for ages 16 and up.
A paperback book with laminated cover.
Complete with 300+ challenges to train your brain.
287 pages including an index in the back of the book.
Dimensions: 20.5cm x 16.3cm x 2.2cm

Barcode # 9781474841566
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.800kg

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