While Raj's game with the ladies is selective mutism sans alcohol, he's definitely not shy when he's dressed up in his Starfleet uniform.

At 16cms tall, touch his head to see him nod and wobble. Complete with Big Bang Theory display base, your amazing Raj bobble head wearing the red tunic of the Unknown Star Trek Star Fleet Engineering officer who tends to get killed on away missions is a must have for any Star Trek and Big Bang Theory fan!

So experience the power of Raj Koothrappali playing the unknown away team member who dies holding his phaser today!

Also available as Leonard, Howard and Sheldon.

Window Box Packaging.
An officially licensed, Big Bang Theory Exclusive.

  Big Bang Theory - Raj Star Trek Wacky Wobbler Specifications

Barcode # 830395028682
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.31kg

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